Let’s see if I’ve got this right: The City of Fitchburg allowed the construction of businesses, expanded the Business Park, and added Commerce Park Drive prior to addressing and improving the Drive’s egress, inadequate ”minimum sight distances,” traffic flow, safety, and accessibility on Lacy Road.

Now the city is asking taxpayers, who already gave some of the businesses tax increment financing (TIF), to spend $5 to $6 million dollars to expand Lacy Road, fix the issues brought about by the Park’s expansion, and accommodate increased traffic.

While a negative environmental impact to a Lacy Road expansion is a huge obstacle to this construction, there is another major issue seldom or never mentioned: the yearly flooding of Fitchrona Road where it meets the viaduct.

Should Lacy Road be expanded, all the increased traffic flowing west, and storm water runoff, not only from the aforesaid businesses, but also from the new housing developments at the intersection of Seminole Highway and Lacy Road, will be funneled to the narrow, unsafe, and occasionally flooded Fitchrona Road.

In short: a bigger Lacy Road will be a road to nowhere.

This is one more example of how Fitchburg developments are being repeatedly approved and constructed prior to addressing traffic issues, and indeed all city services and needs. Whether we like it or not, increased population means more development, but smart development always means looking at the big picture and attending to function and impact first.

Ali Bram


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