Letter to the editor

I’m District 2 Alder Gabriella Gerhardt and I enthusiastically endorse Julia Arata-Fratta for Mayor of Fitchburg. If you envision a progressive future for Fitchburg, Julia is your candidate. She has and will continue to work to make Fitchburg a more equitable, inclusive and vibrant city.

Julia’s experience is unmatched. She has deep knowledge of the tough issues facing our city, including municipal budgeting, TIF, affordable housing, public safety, road construction, healthy neighborhoods, parks, and more.

She has read every neighborhood plan and planning document and has taken part in crafting many of them. Her work experience as an accountant is evident in the proposals she brings forward and the tough questions she asks.

Julia makes things happen. The new inclusive playground in McKee Farms Park, the forthcoming North Fish Hatchery Road HUB Park, and the Healthy Neighborhoods Grant Program would not have happened without her efforts and advocacy.

I see her behind the scenes, and you would be blown away by how hard she has worked in her eight years on council. She is an expert at navigating the complex capital improvement plan and budget processes.

She always brings forward amendments and ideas to improve those plans, including offsets to pay for changes. During meetings, she always asks discerning questions to aid in public understanding of the issues. She rapidly responds to constituent concerns and questions.

She inspires me with her story of emigrating from Argentina to the United States and building a life here with her family. She has lived the American dream.

Having a native Spanish speaker as mayor will be a true asset, especially in a city where nearly a fifth of our population is Hispanic or Latino, with a significant Spanish-speaking population. She hosts the Spanish-language news program Descubriendo Contigo on Fitchburg’s community access television channel, the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

There is no one better prepared or more qualified to be Fitchburg’s Mayor than Julia Arata-Fratta. She would be our first woman mayor in 30 years, since the venerable Frances Huntley-Cooper served.

I am proud to cast a vote for an incredible woman to be mayor. Please join me in voting for Julia on April 4.

Gabriella Gerhardt


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