Letter to the editor

A vote for Julia Arata-Fratta for Mayor of Fitchburg on April 4, is a vote for the less fortunate, for people of color, for women, for all the things we believe in here in Dane County.

Having served with Julia for two terms on the Fitchburg City Council, I can tell you she's the hardest worker I've ever seen at City Hall. Very few folks actually take a look at every page of our budget each year, she does. No one is better prepared for council and committee meetings.

She has served on nearly every committee and commission. She served as president of the council. City staff respect her. I can say, having lost to her in a head-to-head race for state office seven years ago, she's a fighter. If you want something done, give it to Julia. She's not timid about addressing issues. She's not afraid to talk to anyone, and she will always get back to you.

As a manager for one of the larger accounting firms in Dane Co. she knows how to manage. She understands business, but more importantly, she fights for her constituents.

She does not play games or get political -- trying to have things both ways just to be popular. I have not agreed with her on every issue, but have always respected her willingness to listen, weigh all sides and make well-considered choices.

Many alders and the 3 previous mayors are all supporting her. With a little help from you, Fitchburg might just have its first woman mayor in more than 20 years. Vote for Julia on April 4.

H. Tony Hartmann



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