Letter to the editor

I am a resident of Verona, a parent of children who attended and graduated from VASD and a teacher in the district. I have lived in this community for 18 years. I ask you to join me in supporting the upcoming Verona Area School District referendum.

In order for our children and students to be successful in school, it is essential they have the resources they need! As a teacher in the district, I can assure you that there are a wide variety of needs that must be supported on a daily basis.

To do this, please vote Yes! for the VASD referendum on Nov. 8. All of our students are depending on you and your support!

What does passing this referendum mean? It means being able to hire more teachers to fully educate the children of our district. It means being able to lower class sizes, which will allow teachers and staff to focus more on the needs of individual students.

It means VASD will be able to attract and retain the best, and most effective educators. Put students first, and join me in voting Yes!

Finally, there seems to be some confusion regarding the fiscal impact of this referendum. The mill rate, this is the rate at which your property taxes support our schools, will remain the same regardless of whether the referendum passes or fails.

Passage of the referendum simply moves dollars from one pot to another. Due to Wisconsin’s school funding formula, VASD simply needs voter permission to move money from buildings into programs and staffing that directly benefit students.

As a resident of Verona, and one who has a first hand, inside understanding of what our students need, it is imperative to vote Yes on Nov. 8! Please remember to flip your ballot over and vote Yes! for VASD students!

Sarah Greenlaw


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