Last year, the people of Wisconsin took a significant positive step towards improving public safety in all our communities with the passage of Marsy’s Law, the state’s new crime victims’ constitutional amendment.

I believe that strong crime victims’ rights are key to creating safer communities. For victims of crime, this starts with the very first initial contact that law enforcement has with the victim, when the officer informs the victim about their constitutional and statutory rights and the services that are available to them in the community.

With new rights and additional information available to victims, members of the legal system work together to keep the victim updated about their case so that they feel safe and informed throughout the legal process.

Marsy’s Law has helped ensure that victims have the rights to be informed at key points during their case, so that victims no longer feel in the dark about the process, or feel that their safety may be further threatened by the perpetrator of a crime.

Everyone in our community deserves to feel safe. For those who become victims of crime, that feeling of safety can unfortunately -- and understandably -- be threatened.

With Marsy’s Law in place, stakeholders entrusted with victims safety now have additional tools and resources to help empower victims and work towards more compassionate outcomes for victims and their families as they try to navigate the criminal justice system.

Marlon Hannah


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