Letter to the editor

Dear City of Fitchburg Committee of the Whole Members:

As recent as yesterday, while watching the local news, it was announced that the Little John’s Feed Kitchen, located between Anton Drive and Verona Road, would be closing down. It appears that the property will be placed up for sale, which provides the City of Fitchburg, a prime opportunity to purchase the building, and create a Community/Teen Center.

The conversations that have gone on for far too long, as regards spaces for children, youth and families in that corridor of our city, show how inequities exist throughout Fitchburg, but especially where it involves people of color, and/or those possessing limited resources.

I am very passionate when it comes to the young and old. I believe that if more decision-makers could relate to the needs of the disenfranchised living in neighborhoods without access to recreational activities, perhaps they would be more likely to offer opportunities for positive engagement. This would certainly decrease chances for crime to occur, and might open up other avenues for folks to become more active with their local government.

We definitely could use the input, as these people contribute to tax revenues that keep our government running.

Please seriously review this request. There may be funds available through the State of Wisconsin, or grant monies available across this great land, but to continue to put this necessity off for the next five to 10 years, would be unconscionable.

Do the right thing, now!

Respectfully submitted,

Regina R. Rhyne, M.S.


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