Katie Miles


We live in a society where everything and everyone has different balls rolling or moving at the same time.

Deadlines must be met, kids need to be picked up or fed, errands need to be run. No matter what the weather, we always have somewhere to be, or something to do. This is a common thing in the society we live in today.

Slowing down isn’t something that comes easy. When everything around you is rushing past in such a rapid manner, that ability to really stop, reflect and pause can seem daunting for some. Yet if you think about it, those moments of pause are the only things that help keep you grounded in a society that is consistently on the go.

Think about it this way when you become stressed, overwhelmed, or feel rushed to get something done, it takes a toll upon your body. Your mind. And your spirit.

You pull yourself away from really seeing what is around you and embracing it as it is. If instead, you take the time to stop and be aware of all that is, you give yourself a chance to recharge.

Mindfulness is a practiced habit and is something you can learn by imploring these steps into your daily lives today.

Try it now. Pause, take a breath, and focus on all that currently is. Think about the way you are sitting. Look at the room you are in, what is around you? Who is around you? How does the paper feel in your hands? What noises do you hear? Really allow yourself to just be.

Mindfulness and taking on mindfulness practices, can be as simple as stopping and just noticing what currently is so what do you say?

Here are five methods I want you to practice, to start living a more mindful life today.

Pay Attention: When you go about the remainder of your day, slow down and really embrace everything that is around you. Notice the smells, the sounds, the textures, the movements. Allow yourself to see it, embrace it, and let it be absorbed as it is, not as what it “should be.” Slow down and let yourself really be in the moment that is happening right now.

Breathe: Sometimes we become so wrapped up in the moment, that we forget to take a breath. Give yourself time out of the day, to sit in a quiet place, and just breathe.

Be more active: Get outside more. Start taking regular morning walks, join a sports club, just get up and get moving.

Disconnect from technology: This may seem obvious, but sometimes we struggle with this more than one would like to admit. Technology persists everywhere. In the supermarket, at the coffee shops, in our homes. Technology is everywhere.

And because of that, we at times allow it to pull us away from the current moment that is. Take a break from technology and find a new hobby to take on instead. We are overconnected, in a disconnected world. Find time to reconnect with yourself and those around you outside of what your devices can offer you.

Fuel your mind and body: What you eat & how you choose to lead every day, can be a focal point to your emotions, and actions (or reactions) to different things that occur throughout the day. With everything moving so fast around you, it can be easy to become swept up within the chaos of it all when your body and mind are not fueled with the proper tools to help you go. If you are grouchy because you missed eating breakfast that morning, or when you have spent over five hours reading the not so positive news that is occurring in the world, it shifts your focus from the present moment, and creates emotions within you that cause a reaction to the things around you. Fuel your mind and body with things that will benefit you instead.

You have that control to really slow down and start embracing life as it is. Get outside, step away from the chaos of your daily life, and let yourself just be with all that is.

Being mindful of who you are and the surroundings that exist outside of you is really that first step to leading a more mindful life. And with commitment and determination you will start to see a shift every day you embrace these practices.

So, why wait?

Katie Miles is a Fitchburg resident and a single mom with her own website, the art-of-inspiration.org.

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