Banners brighten up Verona Avenue, social media

A student-designed banner hanging near the fire station on West Verona Avenue.

When the street banners of Verona Area School District student artwork go up next spring, they’ll be paying homage to the history of Verona – or possibly what’s to come. 

The theme for the 2022 banner art contest will be “Verona Past, Present or Future” will honor the city’s demisemiseptcentennial – also known as a 175 year anniversary – in 2022. The contest is open to all Verona Area School District students ages K-12, and any medium or art styles are accepted as long as it can be photographed and enlarged for printing on banners. 

Submissions must be received through the online portal on the district’s website by Jan. 7. Additional contest guidelines can be found on the district’s website,

The top 25 submissions will be turned into banners and hung along West Verona Avenue.

The banner contest is run by the Verona Area Education Foundation, which works to support teachers and students through funding 275 project initiatives over the three decades since its inception.

The Foundation is working with the Verona Area Historical Society to incorporate the history theme. Historical society president Jesse Charles said in an email to the Press that as the group was reaching out to Verona area groups to get involved in the 175th anniversary, they decided to connect with the Foundation to incorporate the anniversary into the theme.

Charles added that there are many “wins” that come from pairing the banners art contest and the anniversary celebration.

“The most exciting part for us is the opportunity for younger folks to enjoy being involved in something related to their city and its history,” he said. “Taking a moment to think about where their community has been, where it is now, and where they want it going might spark something in them that makes them feel more connected to it as they grow up. 

“And the fact that it involves crayons is a plus!” Charles added.

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