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Other FOSD programs include the Snack Program, Champions Fund, Creating Opportunities for Oregon Learners (COOL) Grant Program and the “Be A Champion” Mentor Program. 

Friends of the Oregon School District (FOSD) announced that the Food 4 Break Program–previously known as the Food Pack Program–is transitioning into a Oregon Area Food Pantry (OAFP) initiative for the 2022-23 school year and onward.

Since its inception in 2016, the goal of the program has been to provide children whose families quality for free and reduced lunches with meals while school is not in session. It has given more than 4,095 food packs and 2,090 food gift cards to Oregon School District (OSD) students, according to a joint press release from the two organizations.

“It was always the plan of FOSD to move its food program to the OAFP,” Pantry Director Sherri Pollock told the Observer. “FOSD had the capacity to really ramp it up and get it going, which put OAFP in a great position to take it forward. With the pantry involved, we can offer additional support to families by encouraging them to become a member of the pantry where they shop all year round to help stretch their food dollars and help feed their family.”

Pollock assured the community that the OAFP is working closely with the district’s student services team, including the social workers, to carry out the program. They managed to organize a gift card pick-up for three days. Three school social workers and Director of Student Services Shannon Anderson attended the pick-up events to help transition families to the food pantry.

“Both of our organizations believe that hunger is a basic need no child should have to face,” FOSD Board President Karin Victorson said. “We are thankful to partner with the [OAFP] to transition one of our founding programs to them to serve more kids and families in our area.”

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