Grandview Quarry still on hold

‘Taking our time’ to gather information, says company
Scott Girard

File photo by Scott Girard. A group recently removed signs on Grandview Road opposing a proposed Grandview quarry while awaiting the company's official application with the City of Fitchburg.

A proposed quarry on Grandview Road that drew a roomful of opposition in late January still hasnt begun its official approval process with the City of Fitchburg.


Yahara Materials originally brought its plan for a 50-acre quarry on the Robert and Nancy Wolf property at 6194 Grandview Road to community members Jan. 22, but has taken no action with Fitchburg since after the meeting produced a rash of questions on traffic, well water and the effect on neighbors.


Following that initial opposition, a group called No Quarry on Grandview put up signs on corners on Grandview Road outlining its opposition.


Group organizer Tim Barry told the Star in an email in late June the signs had been taken down because after a while, a sign loses its impact by staying up too long.


Honestly I dont see how Yahara Material(s) could possibly come up with a practical traffic plan that would be acceptable to the City of Fitchburg, the Town of Verona and citizens groups like ours, Barry wrote. The enormous safety and pollution concerns are formidable hurdles for them, as well.


The company has applied for a road use permit with the Town of Verona, as it would require the use of Fitchrona Road, which the town and city share, but the Town Board deferred making a decision on the application at its July meeting.


Town administrator Amanda Arnold said the board wanted more time to consider the conditions and impact the truck traffic might have, and the town is in the process of coordinating with the city of Fitchburg.


Yahara Materials superintendent Tim Geoghegan told the Star in an email the company is doing its due diligence and conducting ongoing studies as part of the decision process on moving forward.


Additionally, we have heard the concerns of area residents and want to do everything we can to answer their questions, so we are taking our time to compile the necessary information, Geoghegan wrote.


City of Fitchburg planner Tom Hovel confirmed the city had received no formal application as of Monday, July 7.

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