Police hold active shooter training drill at Stoner Prairie

Scott Girard

Photos by Scott Girard. A pair of officers enter the Stoner Prairie Elementary School building and discuss where to go.

A pair of paramedics help a “victim” shot in the leg out of the school to safety.

Paramedics work to categorize “victims” based on the severity of their injuries.

Passing by Stoner Prairie Elementary School last Tuesday might have set off some alarm bells to worried neighbors, as police cars, fire engines and EMS trucks were all parked in front of the school.

But not to worry, as it was only a drill to help emergency personnel ensure they are ready if an emergency situation ever does present itself.

Safety personnel from Fitchburg and Verona, the two cities that send students to the Verona Area School District, joined together to go through an “active shooter” situation three times at the school.

The May 20 training was a preparation for another drill as well, planned for Aug. 19 at Savanna Oaks Middle School.

Fitchburg Police Department Lt. Chad Brecklin said the August date will feature a full-scale event, while this focused on a specific emergency situation.

After each run-through, the group met and debriefed on what went right and wrong.

The training came as VASD begins to rework its crisis communication plan after a recent communications audit found the district was behind in the area. The district will spend $36,000 to outsource the creation of a new plan to Voss and Associates.

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